I am a practising visual and life artist based in Nimbin, the heart of the Rainbow region, in Northern New South Wales, Australia. I nurture a small family through traditional and sustainable practises on an organic farm in the rainforest. In 2009 I completed a study of fine arts in the Netherlands where I lived for 6 years. There, I was introduced to eco communities and the squatting scene and became inspired by the ability to reclaim a creatively meaningful lifestyle free from the grind of the mainstream system. These experiences, and travels through the world have fuelled a fascination with people and culture; their relationships with plants, animals, the elements, each other, and their place within the universe. My paintings and drawings are a long running documentary of my observations, focusing on subjects that have a deep connection to mother earth and the spirit world. I am interested in how energy, spirit and magic show up in all facets of life. I try to visually manifest the joy of co-existing with nature, evoking the cycles, patterns and vibrations of life and death. I see creativity as wilderness in human beings, not to be directed or suppressed, but to be embraced and exercised  in all areas of life.